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ShareInfo Systems Pvt Ltd provides Mobile Intelligence Service. Mobile business intelligence is software that extends desktop business intelligence applications so they can be used on a mobile device. MBI applications optimizes traditional BI reports so they can be viewed easily on a small screen and is ideal for displaying key performance indicators and alerts on small screens with simple charts, graphs and sparklines. An additional benefit of MBI is that it allows data that’s captured by the mobile device to be integrated on-the-fly so that reports are currents and mobile workers can make informed decisions in real time.

So, we know that interest in, and uptake of, Mobile BI is growing rapidly. But what are the benefits?


Access to real-time information from mobile devices has many notable benefits, including:

  • Improved knowledge-sharing to support organizational collaboration and cohesion
  • Increased workforce productivity and organization-wide efficiency by reducing time-to-information and therefore time-to-decision processes
  • The ability to make better-informed decisions anywhere
  • Increased flexibility and adaptability to help outmaneuver competitors and act on marketplace opportunities
  • The ability to act swiftly to mitigate risk and emerging crises
  • Increased customer satisfaction and enhanced reputation through timely and accurate decision-making

Share Info Systems Pvt Ltd Mobile Businesss Intelligence allows for permanent, intermediary, or temporary access to as many people in your company as you like, from high up to the front line, and from detailed data to reports only.

Providing access to all (or just a certain few) means one less check on your to-do list. All the employees in the know will have access to the information they need to get their jobs done

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